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Exec Team

Paul Polak :Chairman

Paul Polak is a serial Social transformer harnessing the power and disciplines of markets and business to create solutions and enterprises that enable people to rise out of poverty. Paul has the special ability to deeply connect with end customer at the bottom of the pyramid and grasp opportunities that enable them to be consumers and users if service and products that empower and enrich them.

Paul founded IDE Internatonal Development Enterprises an NGO that works out 19 countries globally and is the author of Out Of Poverty.

Jacob Mathew :Director

Jacob is co-founder of Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd one of the leading Design firms in India and is serial design entrepreneur who believes that design couple with business and capital can create transformatory solutions that can scale and have disproportinate impact. Jacob has worked closely with Future Group;India s largest retail conglomerate.

Kishan Nanavati :CEO

Kishan Nanavati has a wealth of experience in the Telecom sector that revolutionized communication in India. Kishan has worked in scale handling more than 25,000 retail points in mobile telecom retail and is pragmatic implementer of strategy in the field.


 Paul Polak :Chairman of the Board

Paul brings a wealth of experience to the board with 25 years at the helm of IDE and more

'recently as the CEO and Chairman of Windhorse Inc. Paul is also co-founder of DREV a Palo ASlto based technology and design Non profit and was the cutaot of the Cooper Hewitts Museum's Design for the other 90 percent exhbition that introduced many to the concept of design as necessary for the many.

Jacob Mathew Director

Jacob brings his experience of retail and business design.

Jacob has also served on the board of Home Solutions Retail (India) Ltd the entity that owns Home Town the largest home goods retailer in India.

Sanjay Kalra

Sanjay is the former head of US$ 2 billion, Tech Mahindra and Mahindra Sathyam one of the large IT companies of india. Sanjay guides the company with the wealth of experience he has in the corporate world and is an important link to people and projects that are useful for the success of Spring Health.

Daniele Lantagne

Daniele is one of the foremost experts in the world on water safety through chlorination.

Daniele has worked for many years at Atlanta's Centre for Disease Control CDC and has been a roving expert setting up safe drinking water facilities in failed states and disaster struck locatalities across the world.

She is currently with Harvard University and is a key technology advisor to Spring Health


Windhorse International Inc.

The parent that owns the majority of Spring Health

Windhorse is founded by Paul Polak and seeks to set up

global companies in Energy, Health, Education and SAgriculture that will disrupt the notion of what the Future Corporation that seeks to serve the 4 billion underserved customers of the world should be like.

Link to Paul's TEDx talk

Antenna Foundation

Antenna Foundation has developed the electrochlorinator technology that Spring Health currently uses and is an important ally and collaborator on research studies as well.

Idiom Design and Consulting Ltd

Idiom provides the design support and the India base for Spring health.

idiom sees a long term collaborative effort with Springhealth to bring many more critical products and services to people in underserved and under reached markets




The Board of Windhorse Inc provides Guidance to Spring Health

George Economy,

Alan Schwarz,

David Taylor,

Steve Bachar

Roopa Dorasamy of Narsappa and Dorasamy has helpled us in navigating the

legal aspects of setting up and accepting investments into SpringHealth

KG Acharya

K G Acharya and associates are our auditors and advise us on statutory and

governace issues in addition to their role as auditors.

Covington and Burling

Have helped structure the international investments into Spring Health


Acumen Fund


Friedmann Family Foundation

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